Workshop – Tune in to Wellbeing

Gain tools to help improve your health and life quality

Learn how food, sound and basic yoga can

positively impact how you feel and cope with life.

Take the first steps to self-discovery in a relaxed and nurturing environment.

24 -25 February 2018   9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Workshop facilitators : Rosemary Filleul and Leanne Tombleson

Cost : 1 day $90 or both days $175

Venue : 31 Simmons Rd, Taumarunui

Registration by 16th February please

Only 16 places available

Bring a blanket, pillow, water bottle and writing

material and wear comfortable clothing

Contact Rosemary Filleul   Mobile 027 472 6975


My Food Forest


June 2016

I had always wanted to create a Food Forest to hold all the various food plants/trees that I had growing around the section.  Fortunately we live on a farm so it is just a question of which fence to push out a little bit so I could gather them all in one place. Here is a list of all the plants that grow there:

Trees – Nashi, Fig, Fejoas, Plum, Pear, Lemon, Manderine, Hazelnuts, Almonds.

Berries – Gooseberries, Blueberries, Cape Gooseberries, Edible Grape, Ground growing yellow raspberries.

Herbs – Stevia, Bergamot, Lemon Verbena, Lemongrass, Pineapple Sage, Red & Green sage, Oregano, Fennel, Thyme, Rosemary, Wormwood, Chives, Tansy, Chamomile, Palagonium, Allysum, Feverfew, Yarrow.

Beneficial insect plants – Verbena Bonariensis, Borage, Comfrey, Foxglove, Nastursium, Sedum, Swan plants, Sunflowers, Cardoon.

Edible plants – Day lillies, Peppers, Chillies, Zucchini, Pumpkins, Squash, Artichoke, Garlic, Perpetual onions, Silverbeet, Cucumber.  Compost plant

For pest control I use white Pekin ducks and a Frog Pond


January 2017

The Food Forest is now well established and a joy to wander around or sit in.  We have bee hives there as well as it is a very sheltered site.  The trees and plants that I moved seem to be saying ‘thankyou very much, this is where I belong’.

It is easy to set up but if you need a bit of advise on how to start then email me at :                                                         


MARCH 2018

This summer has been exceptional and all the plants, trees and weeds are doing VERY well.  I have added more fruit trees: a nectarine, a Blackboy peach, a persimmon,  another plum, 2 red and 2 black currant bushes and a thornless blackberry and I have moved the 5 gooseberry bushes to a shadier spot.  The bees are buzzing, the butterflies are here, pumpkins are taking over, the pathways are getting thinner, as intended, and now I am just waiting for winter to move a plumcot, a peacherine and a cherry that I have decided to re-locate.  I’m sure they will be very happy!  Can’t wait for next summer!

Releasing Energy Leys

When I created my Stone Circle 14 years ago I chose particular stones for Earth, Fire, Air and Water.  The two masculine stones of Air and Fire stand up like columns and the two feminine of Water and Earth are rounded.  I was also lucky enough to have a beautiful and convenient place to put them on our farm.
After reading an article about changing the Watchtowers/Quarters I felt I needed a different set of references. I live in New Zealand so not only was I up-side-down to the normal way of placing the elements, I was also living on an island.
Because the great landmass of Australia is in the West I felt I needed to place the Earth stone in the West, the Air stone in the South because our prevailing winds are from the Antarctic, the Water stone in the East as the Pacific Ocean is there and the Fire stone in the North because the Equator is to our North.
I felt this would work well for me, BUT, I have never been able to meditate or stay in the circle for any length of time, I find it difficult to sit still, my pets will come with me into the circle but won’t stay and I never see any wildlife crossing or hanging out in there.
About 6 years ago I dowsed the whole farm and discovered two energy leys going right through my circle, they crossed just beside the centre stone.  The north/south ley was masculine and the east/west was feminine.  Was this the reason why I was never able to feel at peace within the circle?  
Perhaps by placing the two feminine stones (Water/Earth) opposite each other and the same with the two masculine stones (Fire/Air) I had caused the energy flow to be pulled into the circle and remain trapped there.
So on to the Facebook page of Dowsing and Earth Energies I went to ask for advice about removing, releasing etc.  There were many suggestions, all of which I was prepared to try, but one that stood out as a place to start was “I think it is the centre stone, move it and see what happens.” 
This we did, and low and behold, within an hour, the masculine North/South ley had moved off to the west, outside the circle.  I couldn’t believe that just by moving the centre stone out of the circle the lines would move.  Curiously enough the feminine East/West ley was still there.
Two days’ later things were still the same so I thought, well, if it was easy to move one stone, let’s try putting the stones in their proper places and see what happens!
The Earth stone went to the South (we are upside down after all), the Air stone went to the East and the Water stone went to the West.  I cleansed the circle and stones and asked that the spirits of Earth, Air, Fire and Water bring peace to my place of meditation and ceremony.
That afternoon I dowsed the circle once more.  The feminine ley had moved outside and to the north of the circle and once again cross with the masculine, making a Node just by my frog pond. I felt that now both of the leys were able to move freely once more, I would be able to settle, meditate, relax, spend time, take time, enjoy, commune, think and create in my circle of stones.  We will see!


The Earth Mother

As you walk upon my back, tread gently
As you eat of my fruit, share them with others,
As you breath of my air, speak softly of my name,
And I will nurture you.
As you drink of my waters, feel me inside you,
As you gaze upon my beauty, be part of me,
As you listen to the wind in my trees, hear me calling,
And I will comfort you.
As you rest against my body, I will support you,
As you walk my many paths, I will be with you,
As you are my child, I will raise you,
And I will bless you throughout all the days of your life.